Version Zero!


Let’s start by listing what actually works.

What’s actually done:

  • Our WordPress theme, including main navigation, mobile navigation, logo, and sticky footer and header. The design is also mobile and tablet ready.
  • The friendly “Welcome” popup!
  • Desktop and mobile navigation for the Resume Advisor.
  • IBM Watson/Assistant for Resume Advisor.

What needs to be done, soon:

  • Design and copy for the landing, services, and contact pages.
  • Initial content for the Resume Advisor.
  • Scripting for the Resume Advisor.

What needs to be done, a bit later:

  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
  • Additional content for the Resume Advisor.

For upcoming versions:

  • Alternative, compact navigation UI for tablets and mobile.
  • Alternative, compact site logo for tablets and mobile.
  • First iteration of alternate media for Resume Advisor content.
  • Unified, cohesive UI for Resume Advisor (displays and works on Desktop and Mobile).
  • Mailing list and sign-up.


  • Change of scope for Resume Advisor content — upgrade to “Career Counselor” by covering topics including job boards and interviews.
  • eCommerce — resume writing and consultation services.
  • Change of scope for blog — interview series (user stories, advice from hiring managers, etc.)
  • Social media presence.

That’s the roadmap, for now. Please bookmark our blog if you’d like to stay informed!