Demystifying Nike’s Controversial Ad—for Profit

Nike’s “Believe in something” ad—and the controversy surrounding it—is utter bullshit. This isn’t a bad thing. Bullshit is an incredibly powerful advertising tool. Once you identify it, you’ll realize it’s everywhere. More importantly, you’ll be able to use it in your own advertising—from full-page takeover ads to landing page copy, or even a billboard in Manhattan—if […]

Our Mission

We plan to add a proper “About Us” page soon. But a mission statement is important, even in the earliest stages of development. There are a few key ideas behind this project: Entering the job market shouldn’t be difficult. Whether you’ve just finished high school or college, the path to an entry-level position should be […]

Version Zero!

Hey! Let’s start by listing what actually works. What’s actually done: Our WordPress theme, including main navigation, mobile navigation, logo, and sticky footer and header. The design is also mobile and tablet ready. The friendly “Welcome” popup! Desktop and mobile navigation for the Resume Advisor. IBM Watson/Assistant for Resume Advisor. What needs to be done, […]